IFPA 2022 Nominee - Desolation


Alejandro Martinez Velez

The escalating tension between Russia and Ukraine finally blew up in the early morning of February 24, 2022, after almost eight years of war in the Donbas region, with the entry of the Russian Army into the Ukrainian territory.

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IFPA 2022 Nominee - Fight for Home

Fight for Home

K M Asad

“For the past six months, we have not been able to sleep because of the “thieves”. They come at night and eat our food”, says the Garo village headman’s wife Mimita. She says that almost every night, a herd of 40 to 50 elephants moves across the border from Meghalaya, India into the Sherpur District in Bangladesh. …

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IFPA 2022 Nominee - Tribute to Odesa

Tribute to Odesa

Laetitia Vancon

In June 2022, I worked for three weeks in Ukraine, where I focused on Odesa region and city, a symbolic and strategic place. When I arrived there, almost six months after the war began, Odesa was resisting, not untouched, but unbowed. It found its solutions to fight back, not « physically » but by defending and keep on being all what the city embodies…

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IFPA 2022 Nominee - Ukraine the last war in Europe

Ukraine, the last war in Europe

Diego Herrera Carcedo

This report develops from the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The Donbass conflict, which began in 2014, escalated into a larger-scale war. Ukraine has become the scene of Europe’s latest war, a invasion initiated by Russia.

The photographs shows the consequences of the war on the Ukrainian people and their army. 

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IFPA 2022 Nominee - War in Ukraine


Nicole Tung

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has triggered a refugee crisis, with over 7 million people fleeing the country, while another 8 million remain displaced within. Indiscriminate strikes on civilian areas by Russian forces have sent people underground, sometimes living in dank basements for months at a time. As the war hits its six month mark, the toll on the nation’s psyche and its citizens is all too stark.

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