Photographer: Fabio Alarico Teixeira
Title: Brazil, Deaths, Covid19, Misery
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Period: 02/2020 - 11/2021
Category: Spot News

The coronavirus pandemic - Covid19, which killed more than 610,000 people in Brazil, Men who lost their businesses, and found themselves in poverty and misery, retired not garbage To survive, we found everyone for everyone, from American money (Dollar) , American character Boneco (The Simpsons), Camcorder with the logo of the American Cinema Company Universal Studios, Semi-new notebook by the American Apple. they collect between 30 and 70 reais per day, or extraordinary garbage saving lives and satiating hunger! Brazil registers more than 610 thousand deaths due to covid-19.

With over 280 deaths in 24 hours, Brazil surpassed the mark of 610 thousand deaths due to complications associated with covid-19. Since the start of the pandemic, 610,036 have died from the disease.

childhood and misery

11 year old girl collecting tomatoes from supermarket trash she takes the tomatoes to the family because there is not enough food to feed everyone

Brazil, Covid19, and Hunger

Woman shows chicken feet that she found in the butcher s garbage in Favela da Mar north of the city

Between the cross and childhood

A 12-year-old boy works painting crosses at the cashew cemetery even during the corona virus covid19 pandemic he works every day

hunger pandemic

Man and woman collecting chicken heads they found in the butcher s garbage in the Ramos favela in the northern part of the city

Brazil, between Life and Death

Doctors and nurses collecting the body of a covid victim19 at the Hospital Municipal S o Jos in the interior of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Victim of Covid19

Employees of Cemiterio do Caju burying the victim of covid19 in the north of the city of Rio de Janeiro