Photographer: SUDIPTO DAS
Title: Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island
Location: Ghorama Island, Sunderbans, India
Period: 05/2021 - 06/2021
Category: Environment

Ghoramara island is India’s last outpost in the Bay of Bengal, are finally being abandoned after being devastated by cyclonic storm Yaas. Struck by back to back cyclones the resilience of the 4,900 residents battling against all the odds in this ever-shrinking island has given away and many are calling it quits. Each year, a cyclone hit in the Indian Sunderbans archipelago, an UNESCO world heritage site, villagers lose homes as the sea relentlessly gnaws at the island but the last cyclone snatched everything they possessed.

The size of Ghoramara island has now reduced to just 6.5 sq. km and are among the remotest permanently inhabited islands in the Bay of Bengal, India. Climate change is now a part of the daily battle for the inhabitants that lead to forced migration. The large number of people in the island where 65% families live below the poverty line are under enormous socio-economic stress has upturned their lives. Now poor villagers decided to leave the perilous existence behind and walk into an equally uncertain future. An obvious victims of environmental refugees of the 21st century.

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 01

Villagers leaving Ghoramara Island with all the belongings migrating to the relatives places in the mainland Entire The island is completely devastated due to water surge resulting inundation of the entire island during the cyclonic storm Yaas

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 02

Bijoy Bag 38 stands in front of his damaged hut with a suitcase with all the valuable inside

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 03

Only daughter of Bacchu Jana stays inside a temporary tent outside their hut at Baghpara Bacchu s elderly father Brindaban Jana 75 died during the cyclone Yaas

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 04

An abandoned safe home in Ghoramara island where COVID-19 patients are evacuated to safer location

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 05

Shrabani Jana from Baghpara sits on a teakwood king size bed which she only abled to recovered from her collapsed mud made hut

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 06

Rammohan and Sobha Ghosh reside at Baghpara in Ghoramara island waiting for a hired trawler with all their belongings to migrate in the main land Four generation of Ghosh family stayed in the island

Climate Refugees of Ghoramara Island 07

An abandoned football ground in Ghoramara island The size of the island has reduced to 6 5 sq km