Photographer: Fabio Alarico Teixeira
Title: Extraordinary Garbage
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Period: 07/2020 - 11/2021
Category: Solutions

Amidst the corona virus pandemic - Covid19, which killed more than 605,000 people in Brazil, Men who lost their jobs, and find themselves in poverty and misery, they trash the survival, they find everything from everything, from American money (Dolar), American character puppet (The Simpsons), Camera Camcorder with the logo of the American Film Company Universal Studios, Semi-new notebook of the American company Apple. per day they collect between 30 to 70 reais, Extraordinary garbage saving lives and satiating hunger!

garbage is survival

A man and woman who work with recyclable waste throwing a plastic doll on the stand to collect the iron and metal parts later in Favela da Mar in the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Dollar in the trash

Man who works with recycling finds a dollar bill in the garbage of Favela da Mar north of the city of Rio de Janeiro

The Simpsons

Man meets Simpsons doll American TV series

Macbook in Trash

A man who works with garbage recycling finds a semi-new Macbook in the garbage of Favela da Mar in the north of the city of Rio de Janeiro

the camera and the garbage

Man finds camera camcorder from Universal Studios an American company the camera is a replica used as a lampshade

Friendship to survive

Homem takes care of his friend who is recovering from Covid19 has no home is homeless and fights for survival by recycling garbage