Photographer: Ismail abdelrazek
Title: Firefighting Willys
Location: Sweden
Period: 05/2021 - 05/2021
Category: Spot News

During the month of May of 2021, the largest supermarket in my town, Willys, caught fire. Firefighters rushed to the scene and worked to contain the flames. Each day firefighters have dangerous exposures, but how is it that they make it appear so angelic?

The following photo essay honors firefighters and their contributions to the community.

Upon Arrival

With the fire of their hearts they get their trucks and hoses to fight the fire

Men In Fire

As the smoke closes in it is difficult to see the firefighters

Changing Shifts

Seeing the exuashtion on the faces of the firemen as they change shifts with their colleagues

The Job

Every effort is made to make the city a safer place for everyone

Safety Zone

The firemen the police the media and I the man with the camera are all very different but we all have the same goal for the day