Photographer: Adra Pallon
Title: Generation Lost. Those living between two social crises.
Location: Spain
Period: 01/2019 - 10/2021
Category: Solutions

We are the best-prepared generation in the history of Southern Europe. Yet we were sold a future that does not exist here. We inherited the deindustrialization and touristification of our countries. European policies have planned the economic activity of these southern countries around the tertiary sector, turning them into tourist resorts for the northern countries which have industry and a solid flourishing economy. These policies have brought with them a precipitous increase in job instability, a wealth gap and gentrification. This last phenomenon has promoted the loss of homes by families and the inaccessibility of housing to young people, the lost generation that is living between two enormous crises.

Entire families are unemployed, many of them barely surviving thanks to their grandparents' low pensions. Others are stressed trying to make ends meet and some are unable to. We have failed to reach a promised welfare state. Instead, we see and suffer increasing misery every day.

Extreme-right political parties have taken advantage of the situation. Through their speeches based on racism, hatred and homophobia, they have gathered supporters with low socioeconomic statuses.

The streets of southern Europe are increasingly filled with lost individuals. People who don't have a roof over their heads, a means of subsistence or what is even more dangerous, a glimmer of hope. Hopelessness leads to increased psychological problems and people seeking oblivion through drug addiction. The situation in which a large portion of Southern Europeans find themselves is very worrying. This project explores the realities that the population faces due to these social conditions.

The beginning of the morning

Javier picks up his mattress which he slept on last night to hide it in the bushes Javier walks through several streets every day dragging a mattress in search of a corner to shelter from the rain and cold

Omar in a house in ruins

Today is Omar s 31st birthday he warms up a sandwich next to the stove while he smokes next to the window of the dilapidated house where he lives in Lugo Spain Monday June 23 2021 Omar is 31 years old and of humble origin in a working-class neighborhood of Lugo Garabolos He lives in a house in ruins on the banks of the river Mi o he gets up and goes to bed very early to beg in San Pedro in the morning Due to his precariousness and being born into an unstructured family nucleus he has been involved in problems with the justice system He has spent a few years in Bonxe jail serving two sentences He affirms that prison is not useful for reintegration and that you are not given any opportunity to go out to live in society In prison he made Chicha that he sold for 20 He has been addicted to heroin and still currently has problems with this drug

The food of the garbage

Joaqu n also known as Portu because it is his place of origin has been living for a few weeks in an industrial warehouse in the R bade industrial estate The industrial warehouse where he currently lives belonged to the imprisoned businessman Jorge Dorribo now it belongs to the bank Joaqu n took advantage of the fact that the industrial warehouse was open in this way he found a roof under which to shelter from the winter In R bade Lugo Spain Monday June 8 2021


This is the toilet for those who live in the ruined house It consists of two buckets a chair that has had the seat removed and a bottle of water

Squat house

David spends his nights in a ruined house Many parts of the ground are about to collapse However the presence of a roof means that it does not get as cold as it does on the street

The traffic light and the money

Diego juggles every day next to the traffic light In this way he earns money to buy the food he needs for himself and his dog

The momentary calm through the drug

A twenty-nine-year-old man uses heroin in a central shed in the city of Lugo He says that it is the only thing that allows him to calm the anxiety about the lack of work and the reality in which he and his family find himself

Hernán and Marcos argue about the existence of God during dinner.

Hern n and Marcos have dinner before going to sleep what they have found in the garbage container As they reflect on the existence of God that is why Hern n raises his finger to heaven

Love amid ruins

Two couples spent the last two nights on this floor of the ruined house The ground falls However amid so much misery sometimes moments of great tenderness are seen In the image Paco kisses his girlfriend

Childhood among shacks

Yani is taken by her grandmother inside the shack where they live Child poverty in Spain is 27 4 it is one of the European Union countries with the highest child poverty

The doll recovered from the garbage can.

Mariana collects scrap metal in the trash and then sells it so she can feed her family She sometimes finds toys that she takes to her children This doll will be taken to her three-year-old daughter Child poverty in Spain is 27 4 it is one of the European Union countries with the highest child poverty

Suicide is a taboo subject

Suicide in Spain is one of the main causes of death in the country In 2018 it affected 7 54 people per 100 000 Factors that influence suicide include unemployment depression and social pressures The image was taken in a construction that has been standing for years and where several people without resources live I found this rope hanging from the upper deck