Photographer: MUCYO Jean Regis
Title: Gorillas ‘amazing life
Location: North Province, Musanze, Rwanda
Period: 09/2019 - 09/2019
Category: Environment

Are lovely animals. It is likely to be visited by people from elsewhere.
Travelers instantly enjoy life in Volcano National Park of Rwanda where peaceful, calamity and sociable gorillas are found.

Welcome and enjoy interesting pictures that show Gorillas enjoying fresh air in Volcano National Park located in Rwanda.

Silver Back Leader of Family

Silverback when it take rest


when Gorrillas playing is just one of thing can attact many tourist

How its care her/his Baby

when the Gorillas get birth they care its baby like a humanbeing

How Gorillas protect its self

Silver back as a chief of family is the one to watch and protect its family

How they Eat

Gorrillas is a Beautiful Animals