Photographer: Raghed Waked
Title: Moments of a revolution
Location: Beirut - Lebanon
Period: 10/2019 - 10/2021
Category: Spot News

Collective images showing war, hunger, destruction, misery, corruption, and the pain and suffering of the people of Lebanon during those last few years.

Seconds of ceasefire

A battlefield between two extremist religious groups both of them responsible in the economic crisis fighting with heavy arms and RPGs for their warlords

Hunger in despair

Lebanon has 60 of its population struggling to find food due to the systematic corruption that led the country to a severe crisis We can see a kid trying to find breakfast in the garbage in the middle of Ashrafieh Beirut

Beneath the Ashes

We are imprisoned behind the bars of a militia that is controlling the country and creating disasters This fire broke due to the use of the RPG launchers that hit a park near some houses resulted in 9 deaths several wounded and huge property destruction

A brand new world

A security guard working for a corrupt governmental enterprise which has been stealing Lebanese people s money for high rates of communication services with bad servers slow internet connection and bad signals most of the time

Coming back to life

A group of peaceful protestors being suffocated by tear gas by a corrupted regime stealing people s money and destroying whats left of the country for militias purposes