Photographer: Simon wohlfahrt
Title: Mozambicans return to uncertain future after ISIS pushed back in Cabo Delgado
Location: Cabo Delgado, Mozambique
Period: 09/2021 - 09/2021
Category: Spot News

The islamist insurgency in the northern province of Mozambique, gaining in strength since 2017, has caused almost 750,000 people to be internally displaced and brought to a halt a $20 billion liquefied natural gas project led by TotalEnergies. In July 2021, the rwandan army launched an operation to push back the jihadists and quickly defeated them.

The United Nations has warned of a continuing militant threat in Cabo Delgado, where Rwandan forces are now patrolling burnt-out streets once besieged by the militants. In october 2021, many IDP have started returning to their home that where once occupied by the insurgeants, but remain in fear of their return. Locals tell horrific stories where some have lived for more than a year under their occupation.

A child crosses a road behind a Rwandan Army RDF patrol in the Quitunda IDP camp in Cabo Delgado northern Mozambique The northern province of Cabo Delgado in Mozambique has seen an insurrection of Ansar Al Suna a jihadist group related to ISIS which has been taking control of many places and terrorizing locals Rwandan soldiers have launched a military operation in July 2021 to help the mozambican government fighting the jihadist insurrection in the northern province

a young girl with tears on her face in Quitunda camp in the locality of Afungi Cabo Delgado Mozambique on 22 september 2021 In july a contingent of a thousand rwandan soldiers and policemen where sent to Mozambique to fight insurgeants that were terrorizing populations The Rwanda Defence Forces RDF declared few victories among which the liberation of Mocimboia Da Praia which was occupied by jihadist for almost a year

A Rwandan army truck patrols in the middle of houses in Quitunda in the locality of Afungi Cabo Delgado Mozambique on September 22 2021 Nearly 400 houses were built by the French company Total for the local populations when the company has started its gas project total of the site of the locality of afungi In March jihadist attacks forced the Total to suspend work on a 20 billion gas project

Rwandan soldiers from the Rwanda Defense Force RDF in an armored vehicle during an army patrol in Cabo Delgado Mozambique on September 22 2021

Justina Daniele in Diaca Cabo Delgado Mozambique on September 23 2021 Justine lost her child and several members of her family when the Al Shebabs attacked her village She has been able to return there since the Rwandan army fought the jihadists and secured this area of Cabo Delgado

Ernestina Mapinduzi holding her young baby two of her children and one of her nephews living in a gymnasium in Pemba Cabo Delgado Mozambique on September 24 2021 Ernestina was held prisoner for sixteen months by the jihadists where she was treated as a slave The infant she is holding in her arms was born from rape she suffered regularly during her captivity She was finally able to escape She has been living in this gym for two weeks with other families

Women and children sleep on mattresses in a camp for internal displaced people IDP in Pemba Cabo Delgado Mozambique on september 24 2021