Photographer: Kyaw Zayar Lin
Title: Myanmar’s Revolution
Location: Mandalay,Sagaing,Myanmar.
Period: 02/2021 - 03/2021
Category: Spot News

On February 1,2021, the Military coup have been occur in Myanmar Country by arresting the President,State Counsellor Daw Aung San Su Kyi and other premier.In this day,Military coup is disrupt the phone and internet connection in the whole country.So,many general public are taking civil disobedience from the whole country not only on road but also at home with many possible ways.Demostrators are more strongly sharp due to military coup.They take military boycott campaign and others .My protesters show their voice on road and they take a pot-banging movement at night.They take mostly employed peaceful and nonviolent form of protest but many police and military are taken violence quell by using real cartridge ,bomb and other dangerous things.

More than 1000 peoples have been killed by security forces.Many innocent civilian have been death and broken many family due to gunfire of Military and arresting.Many reporters have been arrested to disrupt the Myanmar's revolution news.

Now ,the Military coup is 10 months longs.Many peoples are need Democracy and want to free their leaders.They want to respect their votes.Many shooting and death cases are also having until now due to military coup. Many peoples ,many society and many religious are also taking Civil Disobedience until now among the shooting.


Many monks and civilians are taking strikes due to Military coup and they shouting for freedom

Fight For Democracy

Those peoples are taking civil disobedience for Democracy when the Military coup have been arrest the elected government

Civil Disobedience With Three Finger Salute

Those people are taking civil disodience with three finger salute due to military coup and they wearing the PPE suit to know from health department

Fight For Justice

They are fight for justice due to military coup and they try to return their elected government by taking civil disobedience

Aspiring Voice

Those man is shouting loudly for return their elected government he take civil disobedience moment

Fight For Justice

Many peoples are taking civil disobedience by holding their leader picture for freedom due to military coup instance


They take boycott to Military coup br due to arrest br their President State Counsellor and premier

Civil Disobedience

Many peoples are taking civil disobedience to Myanmar Military Coup

Marches Demo

Many civilian are taking demo by showing their yearning with loudly voices due to Military coup

Human Chain

Many peoples are aspiring to depose the military coup So they take civil disobedience by procession

Violence Quell

Many Polices and military are taking violence quell upon to nonviolent demostrators


Those man was death due to Military s shooting with real cartridge So They take the funeral