Photographer: Yulia Nevskaya
Title: People of tundra
Location: Taymir peninsula
Period: 04/2021 - 04/2021
Category: Solutions

In the far north of Russia, on the Taimyr Peninsula, indigenous peoples continue to live according to the traditional way of life: they wander from place to place with their herds of deer.

The indigenous peoples of the north spend all years in the tundra from birth to ripe old age. Except for the time when children leave to study in boarding schools. It was surprising for me to learn that they are not hostages of the situation, they have a choice. Many families have apartments in settlements, but they do not want to live in them. Of their own free will, they choose to roam the endless expanses of the tundra all their lives. They don't need another life.

For me, as an author, the topic of preserving cultural heritage and an archaic way of life is important. In my works, I explore the connection between a person and a place and traditional forms of life that are unusual for modern society. The opportunity to shoot on Taimyr in the heart of the tundra was a unique experience for me.

People of tundra 1

On the Taimyr Peninsula indigenous peoples continue to lead a traditional way of life they continue to roam the tundra with herds of deer

People of tundra 2

Angelina Wenga and her children The Wenga family are representatives of the indigenous Nenets people They have spent all their lives in the tundra they do not know and do not want another life

People of tundra 3

Leonid Venga is engaged in the traditional trade - reindeer herding His herd numbers about 1000 deer

People of tundra 4

Indigenous peoples live in these trailers The trailers are installed on runners they are attached to the snowmobiles and so they move from place to place The Wenga family says there is plenty of place for them all

People of tundra 5

Linda and Denis feed the deer with bread

People of tundra 6

Leonid caught a fish in the river and brought it to his wife to cook dinner

People of tundra 7

Nenets eat raw frozen fish this is their national dish

People of tundra 8

Each family lives in a separate camp Children are born in the tundra and live here until they go to a boarding school in one of the nearest settlements Many return to the tundra after school It is important for the indigenous peoples to preserve their traditional way of life and they are good at it on the territory of Taimyr