Photographer: Ata Ranjbar Zeydanloo
Title: Return to life
Location: Mashhad Iran
Period: 04/2019 - 04/2019
Category: Solutions

People are born in different conditions. Some are born in developed countries and some are born in developing countries where everything is different from that of the developed countries including crimes and consequent sentences for the criminals. Iran is an Islamic country the judicial system of which is based on the Islamic law which in turn may result in issuing sentences which seem cruel in nature.

In Iran, if someone murders someone else may face Qisas (retaliation). Literally meaning revenge, Qisas essentially should be performed by the avenger of blood i.e. the blood-relatives of the victim could lawfully take the murderer’s life. The only way to escape is to be granted pardon by the victim’s family. If the pardon is granted, the murderer will be forgiven and freed.

The people who are released from prison may face difficulties in finding jobs or being employed due to their criminal records which in turn may pave the way for them to commit crimes once again.
An Iranian pathologist, Doctor Nabi, has established a food product manufacturer. However, what distinguishes this company is its employment conditions; to be employed in this factory you have to have a ‘criminal record’.

The workers hired, who come from different backgrounds including murder, drug dealing, etc., could successfully maintain a peaceful working condition and could survive their past lives and start a new life. If the factory hadn’t existed, they might have returned to the criminal world.

Kasra 23 has been convicted of homicide After 4 years his conviction changed to non-felonious homicide He and his friend were playing with fireworks in the street when his friend started a fight with a butcher His friend escaped the scene and the butcher attacked Kasra Kasra was carrying fireworks with high explosivity so when he threw a punch to the butcher s face the fireworks exploded and seriously injure the butcher The butcher lost his life on the way to hospital and Kasra lost four of his fingers Kasra is currently imprisoned but he has been granted permission to work in the factory I would never have played with fireworks if I had returned to the scene I repent me of what I did Kasra said br br

Mostafa 30 has been convicted of homicide He caught his wife cheating on him and attacked the other man with a knife and killed him Mostafa was imprisoned for 5 years until the time that her ex-wife informed him that her 4-year-old child was from the other man After the DNA test Mostafa was released Before he started working in this factory he had difficulty finding job due to his criminal record He said that working in this factory taught him to be more patient and be a more beneficial member of the society

Hasan 36 was convicted of homicide and was imprisoned for 9 years He and his friends were involved in a collective conflict and he was arrested after 3 weeks Despite the inadequacy of evidences he was convicted of homicide and imprisoned for 9 years After 9 years he was exculpated he used to be a carpenter and he managed to craft the largest Quran out of wood while he was in prison He wasn t able to find a job until he got acquainted with this factory He says that he is happy working here though he is away from his hometown

Hosein 41 has been sentenced to life for drug dealing He was arrested when he was 28 and has been imprisoned for 13 years He says that he was a drug dealer since he did not have any other skills I have always thought that I would have no choice but drug dealing after prison Hasan says He says that he is happy working here and sees much more hope in future

Amir 47 was the father of 2 children His two sisters also lived with him One day he decided to commit suicide since he couldn t tolerate the hardships of his life anymore He bought some poison However he couldn t use the poisons due to the intolerable odor of the poison He poured the poison into the antibiotic capsules and put them in a drawer to use it in a proper time One of his sisters who was totally unaware of the story gave the capsules to Amir s children Amr s other sister and she herself took one After the incident one of Amir s children and one of his sisters lost their lives Amir and his sister were arrested and were imprisoned for 3 years After 3 years the court changed the conviction to non-felonious homicide He says that he thanks god that he is now working in this factory otherwise he could not find any job

Hamid 37 was convicted of theft and addiction The last time that he was in prison was 2 years ago after having been in prison for 3 years He has been working in this factory for 2 years and now is a skillful storekeeper According to the management since he was the storekeeper nothing has been reported stolen from the warehouse

Ali 34 was a drug dealer and an addict He started drug dealing due to poverty It has been 3 years now that he is out of the prison He says that since he started working here he has cut relations with his former criminal friends and has pursued a clean life

br Zahra 23 is the mother of 2 children His husband married another woman without her knowing and left her and her 2 children She said she had lost her parents in her childhood and had been supposed to be raised by her grandmother However she lost her grandmother due to poverty She was raised in an infantry and married at an early age She is now waiting for the court to process her divorce petition

Masoumeh 46 is the mother of 3 children and has been working in this factory for 5 years His husband has been imprisoned due to drug dealing As the head of the household she experienced extreme hardships before she started working in this factory Now she thinks the future is brighter

Esmat 42 is the head of household His husband is a drug addict She is the mother of two children and has been working in this factory for 5 years She is contended that she works in a safe palce