Photographer: Parisa Bajelan
Title: Saffron Lifestyle
Location: Khorasan, Iran
Period: 03/2019 - 07/2020
Category: Solutions

Saffron, which its White bud & purple sprout, comes out of the soil at night and must be picked before sunrise so that the sun doesn’t fade its aroma.
Persian Saffron is known for its superior quality in the world which is the most expensive spice on Earth!

Around life in the style of saffron, very rich and meaningful cultures are going on.
Manifestations of this cultural current are quite evident in indigenous agricultural methods in the stages of planting, holding, and harvesting, folklore, stories, poetry and music, fashion and clothing, authentic cooking, food, and drink.
This flower has a close relation to people’s lifestyles and is a symbol of collaboration between family members.
The Saffron red delicacy filaments are extracted traditionally one by one with love by the hand and dried by an intricate method and that's why Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world.

The Saffron production process has a very delicate appearance.
But men and women work side by side to support themselves and their children in a delicate condition of harvesting, which must be done before Sunrise.
Most rural women have heavier responsibilities than men & play a key role in life.
In addition to the same agricultural work as men, they're responsible for childcare and household chores.

These valuable tangible and intangible heritages are windows to the world of people who revolve their life around that Heritage.
Like the stars revolve around the North polar star, and all praise a core value to mean sustainability.
A Heritage that can be reviewed to a clear path from the past to the present. the path that leads to recognizing nature and one's identity and rebuilding lost self-confidence, and we can find a sustainable way of life in the "past". wherever the stars are visible, there are countless stories to tell.

Connect to the Night

Saffron flowers grow at night in October

Sleep under the stars

people who live in saffron agriculture areas around desert have a starry sky

Harvesting Night Life

they wake up at midnight in harvesting season

Pick it Before Sunrise

Farmers believe that Saffron should be picked just before sunrise

Delicacy and Tricky

They picked the flower buds with skill and care

With the Family

In an original process of Saffron agriculture family members help each other on the field


Next-generation learn the skills to save the heritage

Sustainable Patterns

People should save the fertile lands and freshwaters on the edge of the desert using ancient skills for the maximum efficiency

Respect the leaders

Grandparents are professional persons in the fields they know the traditional skills and knowledge of the relation between life on earth and stars

Create Values

Extracting red filaments of Saffron from the flower is the most important part of the process

Colorize it

If you observe the lifestyle of the people you could find the effect of Saffron everywhere

Don't miss it

As well as the golden time of harvesting the skills and arts of the saffron lifestyle as intangible heritage are endangered you have to pick the flower in the right time neither earlier nor later br the flower petals save the filament from wet dust and sunlight to keep the aroma taste and characteristics br If the flowers bloom at night it tells us something The decreased cooperative spirit between families and relatives to harvest climate change lack of willingness to original traditions in picking the flowers at the right time or industrialization in saffron business