Photographer: Amer ALMOHIBANY
Title: Syrian children during the war
Location: syria - eastern ghouta near damascus
Period: 09/2017 - 03/2018
Category: Spot News

The tragedy of war experienced by children in Syria
Children were subjected to starvation, bombing in all its forms, and displacement.

The pictures are a summary of the tragedy that the children of the siege experienced in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside
Eastern Ghouta, which witnessed the longest siege in the modern era and suffered from the highest rate of malnutrition in the history of Syria
In the pictures, I show you the tragedy that we lived through during six years of siege, which ended with the crime of forced displacement after a military campaign launched by Russia on civilian homes and killed thousands of innocent children.

My family and I lived through siege and death and I was injured four times during my coverage of the war in the region and witnessed all the massacres, killing and death on these cities.
Airplanes destroyed the future of children

A father helping his child

A father carries his injured child inside the ambulance after their house was bombed by warplanes targeting a civilian neighborhood

escaping from death

A mother carries her child and flees from the aerial bombardment that targeted their house in a civilian neighborhood in the city of Kafr Batna in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus

forced displacement

A child carrying the Qur an during the journey of displacement from his city accompanied by his family after a military campaign against him in the city of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus

Father's last farewell with his daughter

farewell br A father holds his daughter who was killed after an artillery bombardment targeted their house in the city of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta He carries the child and leaves the field hospital to bury her


ambulance br A father and his daughter inside the ambulance after their neighborhood was bombed by air

hungry girl

An injured child inside the emergency room holding a spoon of food in her hand while she was receiving treatment after they pulled her out from under the rubble of her house which was subjected to aerial bombardment in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus


hopefull br A child stands at the entrance to the basement in which she lives during the military campaign that her city is exposed to during the war

The injured girl

The injured girl br A child receiving treatment inside the ambulance room stained with blood and dust was pulled out by civil defense teams from under the rubble

ruined city

ruined city br A mother and her two children walk in the middle of a destroyed neighborhood in the city of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus

magic shoe

magic shoe br A refugee child living in a tent with her family runs near the tent in winter wearing her father s shoes

Close your eyes and feel the child's pain

baby cream br The child is one month old He lost his mother and his eye in the artillery shelling that targeted a popular neighborhood while his mother was trying to buy flour to provide food for his brothers


Breathing br A father trying to revive his child in the emergency room The child who swallowed rubble and dust after the family was bombed and injured