Photographer: Oleksandr Rupeta
Title: The Bounded Nature
Location: Estonia
Period: 11/2021 - 11/2021
Category: Environment

The series explores the interaction of man and nature in an urban environment. The human demand for vitality allows nature to regain its proper place in the concrete jungle gradually.

Within the tight bounds circumscribing the allocated areas for existence, the flora always finds an opportunity to prove itself. It is difficult to define whether people use nature for the life forces recovery or whether plants use human beings for the widespread.

Tiia sits at a table in her apartment in Tallinn Estonia Tiia became interested in houseplants during the lockdown

The botanical garden in Tallinn Estonia

The greenhouse at the University of Tartu Estonia

Holiday homes on the island of Saaremaa Estonia

Hay bath treatment at the Natural Health Centre in Tartu Estonia

The Hug a tree event at the park in Tallinn Estonia