Photographer: Faiz Mohammed
Title: The moment of the coup
Location: Sudan (Khartoum)
Period: 11/2021 - 11/2021
Category: Solutions

Military coup

Military coup

The moment the revolutionaries entered one of the major areas east of Khartoum they rejected the military coup in Sudan br My date 11 25 2021

Khartoum is next to the general command of the army

One of the demonstrators was shot in the chest by a protester who refused the military coup

The place is east of Omdurman On the date 27/11/2021

Sudanese police suppress peaceful demonstrators protesting against the military coup

Khartoum on October 30, 2021

Children in Sudan were born on the Sudanese bull which is the belief of the democratic transformation in Sudan br The child Muhammad Khaled is a rebel from the city of Khartoum outside on October 30 because of its rejection of the military coup

Sudan Bahri locality located west of Khartoum October 30, 2021

One of the demonstrators chanted saying The authority is a people and the soldiers have barracks