Photographer: Benjamin Grey
Title: Trump Rally in Jacksonville, Florida
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Period: 09/2020 - 09/2020
Category: Spot News

In September 2020, at the apex of the Covid-19 global pandemic, President Donald Trump held one of his largest and most dangerous rallies in Jacksonville, Florida.

As one of the only independent photojournalists on site, I moved about the outdoor venue making photographs of this culturally relevant and historic event. The crowd was suspicious and hostile to news agencies and photographers all the while celebrating the U.S. president with cult like status.

The photographs I captured show a variety of emotions, people and a loyalty that has never been captured in such a way.

This President is a political enigma, able to polarize and energize. These 14 photographs tell a story about how and why the American public is able to rally and support one of the most controversial figures in world history.

All photos were taken on 35mm Black and White film.

No edits were made

Make America Great Again

Donald Trump has been a political enigma that has cast dispersion controversy and violence over the United States br br Capturing the thousands of faceless followers Donald Trump in the distance on the podium and the lone iconic sign I feel that this photograph is a layered timeless reminder of the darkness and yet the power of his presidency br br 35mm B W film br no edits

Amidst a Global Pandemic

On September 22 2020 at the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic the US President held one of his largest and most dangerous rallies in Jacksonville Florida

Arriving at the Rally

Upon arriving at the rally I parked over a mile away from the venue due the 30 000 spectators yet as soon as I exited my vehicle I could hear the thunderous applause and the celebration of the president arriving

Super Trump

As I approached the entrance to the venue I observed this man his shirt and the first MAGA hat I had ever seen in person

Nationalism or Racism

As soon as I cleared the security checkpoint manned by the US Secret Service I started seeing confederate flags which are symbols of oppression hatred and racism in America

Air Force One

Air Force One the presidential airplane was parked in a way that it was the backdrop for the event providing a very official presidential and powerful message for the crowd

Iconic Signs

Make America Great Again was Trumps slogan and pushed his already nationalistic and aggressive political agenda br br The signs were everywhere and have become a truly iconic political and cultural symbol

Red Hats

br Trump supporters are suspicious of the press and photographers as is this square jawed young man

Angry White Men

Trump and his supporters blamed immigrants and minorities for all of America s problems thus fueling anger and hatred within our society br

The Next Generation

The defiance and pride of young Trump supporters is clearly evident in this photo

Saying Goodbye

As the President departed the stage and walked to Air Force One many of his supporters tried to take photos of the plane prior to departure


After the presidents departure these two young women were photographed laughing smiling and celebrating in front of an enormous American flag