Photographer: Sajad Melh
Title: What my eyes saw in the demonstrations in Iraq.
Location: Iraq
Period: 10/2019 - 07/2020
Category: Spot News

Iraq aspired to a better future than it was during former President Saddam Hussein after 2003, but the situation has become similar and worse to this day, which led to hunger, poverty, destitution and unemployment that led the Iraqis to go out in massive demonstrations on October 10, 2019 due to the
administrative corruption of the government, but in general it is a facade.

These demonstrations are a strong deterrent by the authority and have become their failure.

hidden mask

A demonstrator wears a hidden mask and burns tires br in protest against the killing and looting carried out by br the Iraqi government against demonstrators on br November 28 2019

The man and the Iraqi flag

A man carries the Iraqi flag at night in one of the Iraqi regions of Najaf as a result of the ongoing clash between protesters and riot forces on December 28 2019

screaming girl

A girl demonstrating with her mother and screaming br against the ruling Iraqi government Go go killers as she br raises the Iraqi flag among thousands of protesters on br January 18 2020

The bird over the fire

A protester jumps over a fire to escape br Riot police as a result of burning and blocking tires br Roads on February 2 2020 in the Iraqi streets of Najaf and all of Iraq s governorates


An Iraqi mother named Um Muhannad cries over her demonstrator son who was killed as a result of a clash between demonstrators and special forces which the Iraqi government called a third party and its means of creating strife between the demonstrators and the Iraqi forces

the sacrifice

A family with all its members sits between riot forces br and demonstrators on lune 7 2020 to prevent a br collision between them and the loss of innocent lives


Protesters help a protester who fell from severe suffocation due to tear gas and was fired with expired toxic materials


A demonstrator flees the pursuit of riot police after throwing live bullets in an attempt to disperse the demonstrations that have continued for 24 hours

hidden processing

A doctor s assistant treats a protester with only a finger as a result of being shot in a hidden camp because he was not taken to the hospital because he was not arrested

Protester trying to escape

A protester escaping from tear gas bullets and rubber bullets holding tear gas bottles in his hand which he managed to steal from the riot police


A group of Iraqi women demonstrate in the center of the Iraqi province of Najaf in opposition to the continued repression of Iraqi demonstrators


A brother carrying the coffin of his brother who was killed by the third party forces of the Iraqi parties during his demonstration as a result of the total rejection of the Iraqi government